Járműfejlesztési Tanszék - Audi Hungaria Járműmérnöki kar

Durability and fatigue in vehicle engineering 

Course I. topics:

  • Importance of fatigue assessment for vehicle development
  • Theory of structural durability: loading, load capacity and fatigue assessment
  • Dimensioning concepts, influence of predicted lifetime
  • Load capacity at constant load amplitudes, Wöhler curves and fatigue tests
  • Cyclic stress-strain-diagrams
  • From crack to failure - a short introduction into fractography
  • Influence of medium stress and stress ratio

Course II. topics:

  • Load capacity at variable load amplitudes, Gassner curves and fatigue tests
  • Stresses at operational conditions, ordinary usage vs. misusage
  • Load-time-functions
  • Load measurement (stresses, strains, forces, accelerations) and load simulation (FEM, MBS)
  • Deterministic and stochastic loads
  • Counting procedures and load spectrums (e.g. rainflow and level crossing algorithm)
  • Damage accumulation, numerical approaches
  • Nominal and local concepts in structural durability
  • Dimensioning of components and vehicles

Course administrator - Dr. B. Vehovszky - SZE

Instructor - Dr. A. Dörnhöfer - AUDI AG, Dr. G. Bodai, Dr. M. Kraus - AUDI Hungária Zrt.